For the April Baby!

A short primer for babies born in the spring month of April!

My birth month flower is: Sweat Pea

My birth stone is: Diamond

My zodiac sign is: Aries or Taurus

Find April birth month inspired gift ideas for mom & baby in our April baby collection!

March 27, 2016 by Tina Bar-On

For the March Baby!

A short primer for babies born in the spring month of March!

My birth month flower is: Daffodil

My birth stone is: Aquamarine

My zodiac sign is: Pisces or Aries

Find March birth month inspired gift ideas for mom & baby in our Spring collection!

march baby highlights

March 27, 2016 by Tina Bar-On

For the February Baby!

A short primer for babies born in the winter month of February!

My birth month flower is: Violet

My birth stone is: Amethyst

My zodiac sign is: Aquarius or Pisces

Find February birth month inspired gift ideas for mom & baby in our Violet collection!

february baby overview

March 27, 2016 by Tina Bar-On

Baby's First Easter: How to Make It Special

With Easter is just around the corner, it’s a perfect time to start thinking how you are going to celebrate it, so your little ones have fun and warm memories left about this wonderful family holiday when they are much older. Little toddlers and babies don’t know much about the holiday and its traditions yet, so it’s all up to you, parents, to teach and expose them to the excitements of the season of bunnies, colored eggs, fun bunny costumes, and, of course, the rebirth of mother Nature.

At Wild Dill baby clothes online store, we’ve assembled heads-ups that will help you make baby’s first Easter meaningful and memorable for both, baby and you.

Make your little one’s first Easter basket

There’s no Easter for children without Easter baskets. At stores you can always find a huge variety of pre-made baskets. But though your baby may be too little to appreciate it, we think that putting your heart and soul to making your own personalized basket will bring joy not only to the baby, but also to you. What to put into your baby’s first Easter basket? We all know how babies love crinkly stuff and colorful toys that can produce any noise. So pack a couple of Easter baby gifts and bright naturals Easter toys like a hazel village rabbit doll or a pastel toy rabbit car into the basket, weave beautiful spring-pastels-colored ribbon through its handle, and add a couple of wooden or paper eggs to bring a touch of love and care to your little bundles of joy on this special day.

Start your own Easter tradition

Easter is all about tradition and family bonding. Think about some of your favorite Easter moments from your childhood. What might you want to reproduce with your little one? Dying eggs, baking a cake, eating a big meal all together, or having a mini egg hunt in the backyard - all these can be done with toddlers to make Easter day more fun and memorable.

Dress up your baby

Dressed up little babies are the most adorable thing ever. The choice of Easter-themed toddler boy organic clothing and toddler girl organic clothing is endless. If you don’t feel like making a little bunny out of your child, you can always opt for cute pastel clothing like a little dress for a girl or a suit for a little man. Easter is a perfect occasion to take good family shots, so with a dressed up baby these pictures will become extra cute and special.

  • Expose your baby to nature
  • Since Easter happens during spring, it also symbolizes the rebirth: nature starts shaking off the winter crust and welcomes new life in everything around. Let baby bathe in this magic and glory of awakening nature by taking them for a walk into a park, or woods, or simple allowing them to play with fresh green grass in the backyard, let them touch it, feel its softness. Create this bond between nature and baby, plant that admiration of natural powers and wonders into young hearts.

    Let your baby have a feast along with your family members

    Although, depending on baby’s age, not everyone can eat adult food yet, if your baby is over six months old (that’s what pediatricians recommend), you can go ahead and experiment with feeding them some real food. Whether it’s a tiny bite of mashed potato or a piece of ham, real food at a family table will make baby feel included in the celebration of the holiday. But before choosing what food to give your baby at a holiday table, consult with your pediatrician. Remember, that babies younger than one year old cannot have eggs, chocolate, honey, and other sweet treats that go in abundance on Easter.

    Easter is a truly wonderful family holiday babies should be exposed to at the earliest steps of their lives. Making your Easter celebration creative, warm, and filled with fun activities and traditions will make these memories very special to your children when they grow up.

    March 10, 2016 by Tina Bar-On

    Dressing Baby for Spring

    5 Tips to Dress Up Your Baby for Spring

    The changing of seasons from winter to spring not only gives us a wiff of fresh air after long winter bundling, but it also means it’s time to change your baby’s wardrobe.

    Winter coats, scarves, warm boots, and knit gloves can finally be put away deep into the closets. Still, don’t get too excited to pull out your baby’s summer outfits. The spring season is a sketchy one. Although it gets warmer out, no one has cancelled windy and rainy days and drastic temperature jumps throughout a day. As a result, parents frequently get lost and find it difficult to decide how to dress up their little bundles of joy for them to feel comfy and cozy.

    At Wild Dill baby clothes store, we’ve made a compilation of useful tips on how to make your baby comfortable and stylish during the upcoming spring months.

  • Layer up

  • Spring is a perfect time for layers that you can peel off or add on as temperature shifts throughout a day. When dressing your baby for a walk in the park, start with an organic cotton onesie or a pair of leggings with a cute long-sleeve tee, add layer of pants and a sweatshirt on top. Socks under boots will keep little feet warm in case a baby wants to practice his/her first independent steps on the still chilly ground. In case of unexpected gusts of cold wind, it’s good have a warm blanket or a bunting handy to pop the baby right into it. Keep a raincoat for a toddler at your fingertips, as spring is notorious for its showers. Making sure to check the day’s weather report will help you decide how best to dress your toddler.

  • Go for organic materials

  • When choosing the clothes your toddler will be comfortable in, always go for natural organic materials. At Wild Dill, we have a wide selection of toddler boy organic clothing and toddler girl organic clothing perfect for any weather. Make cotton your fabric of choice. It’s breathable and comfy and won’t cause any sweating and skin irritation. 100% organic cotton, eco baby alpaca, 100% bamboo fiber  are the fabrics of your choice this season - very breathable and light-weight, these materials will keep your babies warm and cool when necessary.

  • Cap it on

  • Spring is the time to rock some cool hats. Hats are great for when a toddler has to rapidly transition from a warm environment to a cold one and regulate their body temperature fast. Whether it’s a light cotton hat or a cap, your baby will look both stylish and warm, but not too warm. Caps are also great for shielding your toddler from the sun’s rays. Our favorite this season is FORE AXEL & HUDSON BABY GOLFER TODDLER CAP.

  • Pull up the hood
  • Hoodies are simply irreplaceable in spring. Worn over a long or short-sleeve onesie or a tee, depending on the weather, hoodies will keep your baby comfy and cozy no matter what the weather is like.

  • Go for bright & pastel colors
  • With the upcoming Easter season spring pastels return to your baby’s wardrobe. Wait to get those Easter toys and Easter baby gifts. It’s time to burst out the sartorial sunshine with some pastel clothing and bright outfits first. Bright colors such as yellow, pink, orange or pastel colors like baby pink or baby blue and purple are all fun colors for spring. Patterns with flowers, fun prints, checked or striped outfits, sailor patterns, animal patterns, cute graphic designs in hues of pink, green, yellow, and brown will cheer up your eye.

    The golden rule for dressing up your little loved ones this spring is to choose wisely what your babies will feel comfy in and feel free to experiment with layers and colors to get the ultimate fun out of this transition to summer.  

    February 22, 2016 by Tina Bar-On

    Interview with Mezoome Designs

    Recently I got a chance to meet with the founder and designer of one of my favorite organic children's brands Mezoome Designs! Mayaan was kind enough to answer a few questions for Wild Dill on how she got started and what she thinks of the brand.

    We love your products! Tell us a little bit about how the company got started. 

    The company got started when my oldest daughter was born.
    I love babies textile and accessories and I looked for things that will fit together with the rest of my house and not look too childish or corny.
    Since I couldn't find anything I liked, I started to play with designs and patterns on my computer and magic got started...  :-) . 

    My vision is to create products that incorporate functionality and aesthetics with high quality materials that both children and parents can enjoy for years to come.


    What is one of your most popular products?

    My most popular products is definitely the sleeping bag, followed by the pully mully and Wabbit blanket.

    What types of items do you create?

    I design bedding, accessories, and apparel for babies & kids.

    I try and come up with new products all the time and expand the product range available.

    At the moment I'm working on a new product design that should be available in mid April - I'm very exceited about it, since new characters will be joining the Mezoome Gang!

    Why did you decide to use organic cotton and other eco-friendly materials?

    I love the idea of natural as opposed to industrial products. 

    In the past, organic fabrics used to be expensive, but now it's more affordable and can easily be used to create everyday products.

    On top of all that, Organic cotton and other eco-friendly materials are softer and have a better feel to babies.

    Your characters are adorable—how did you come up with them?


    I tried to think about something that babies and kids can relay to and that will also appeal to the parents, and what can be better than cute, funny, whimsical and beautiful animal characters?

    When I designed them, I tried to keep them as simple as possible to try and create a pattern design that will be classic & timeless. 

    Why do parents—and kids!—love your line?

    I guess that the simple & childish, but yet not corny or common design, combined with a different personality for each character makes people love it.

    I think parents can relay to the design since it's not too childish and can look good even in the living room - I try not to fall into the "trap" of pink for girls and light blue for boys, but to use colors that can be considered as unisex.

    As for the children, I think that from a child point of view the characters are lovable and cute and are easy to connect with, and depending on the child's age - make up a story for the characters or simply stare at the pattern and vibrant colors

    What’s the most fun part of your job?
    Knowing that I touch someones heart everyday and that babies & kids can enjoy the Mezoome family at least as much as I enjoy creating them. 

    February 09, 2016 by Tina Bar-On

    How Natural Baby Products are Changing Future Generations

    How Natural Baby Products are Changing Future Generations

    Guest post by: Kaitlin Krull

    In an increasingly environmentally conscious world, it’s easy to think that we’re doing our part to live healthier, more eco-friendly lifestyles. Eating organic foods, buying Fair trade and ethical products, and cleaning our homes with natural cleaning supplies are all excellent ways to help reduce both our carbon footprint and our intake of toxic chemicals. However, those of us with children should also know that there are natural alternatives for the whole family. Using these kinds of baby products regularly can help to change future generations’ outlook on the environment in a number of ways.

     modern nursery

    via Modernize


    Making a difference to the environment

    Purchasing baby products made from organic and natural materials helps the environment. While we know that chemicals and pesticides are detrimental to both our own health and that of the wildlife and organisms near them, cotton production is not currently regulated in the same way as other consumables. This means it’s up to us to choose organic clothing to be sure it is free from harmful chemicals. Organic cotton is produced with no chemicals or pesticides, and as such is the logical alternative to other standard clothing and bedding. At Modernize, we particularly love soft, comfortable baby clothes like this Babysoy K Modern Alphabet Organic Footie, made from organic cotton and bamboo rayon.


    Breaking negative cycles

    When shopping for baby products, it can be so easy to choose the same products your parents bought when you were little, or any number of popular name-brand items. Unfortunately, most of the bathing and baby care products on the market today are full of chemicals and potentially toxic materials. Break the cycle by making smart choices when shopping for these kinds of products: choose chemical-free, natural products from brands such as Weleda (we swear by this diaper cream) to keep baby out of harm’s way.


    Setting a positive example

    Making informed decisions when it comes to the baby products we buy not only helps the environment (and baby), but lets others know that we know what’s going into them. Lead by example by choosing organic, natural products (one of our favorites is the Mezoome Muslin Swaddle Blanket) time and time again, and friends and family will take note. With any luck, these kinds of environmentally conscious decisions will rub off on our little ones as well, helping them to make the same kinds of decisions later on in life.


    Instilling healthy habits

    While hoping our children observe and understand our positive example is a step in the right direction, why not do one better by teaching them the importance of environmental consciousness on a regular basis? When buying organic clothing, natural products, and eco-friendly toys (like the adorable Sera’s Wooden Play Kitchen from Elves & Angels), involve children in the process. Explain things like the following: why organic is best, which fibers are better for us and the environment than others, and how they can continue to help the Earth and each other. Exactly how much information they take in can be surprising (and we all know that kids never forget a thing).

    January 29, 2016 by Tina Bar-On

    Introducing Plutt Kids!

    Scandinavian meets South America for soft and cosy unisex clothing
    Plutt create gorgeous 100% Eco Baby Alpaca clothing for babies and children aged 0-4 years. Designs are exclusively timeless and unisex; tranquil and stylish, the collection features all natural, un-dyed yarns from The Andes. Alpaca fibre is hypoallergenic (so perfect for baby’s sensitive skin), warm, soft, durable and eco-friendly.
    Plutt is based in San Francisco, but the influence of Scandinavia and South America are clear to see. Plutt (‘little person’ in Swedish) is the creation of Alessandra, a Chilean Mum of two married to a Swede. When the family moved to SF – where they found such a deep appreciation of natural and organic – Alessandra realised how amazing it would be to combine the practical and style sensibilities of Scandinavian design with the wonders of the soft Alpaca with which she had grown up. Have a look at the stylish, comfortable result!
    January 28, 2016 by Tina Bar-On

    For the January Baby!

    A short primer for babies born in the winter month of January!

    My birth month flower is: Carnation

    My birth stone is: Garnet

    My zodiac sign is: Capricorn or Aquarius

    Nature baby name themes for my month: Winter, Snow, Ice, Light


    january baby primer




    January 24, 2016 by Tina Bar-On

    A Brain Teaser of Naming Your Baby: Name Trends 2016 and Beyond

     Name Trends 2016 and Beyond

    When it comes to choosing a baby name parents-to-be get to this task as responsibly and creatively as they can. Indeed, choosing a name for the bundle of joy you are expecting can be difficult and stressful.

    According to a recent Time poll on Millennial parents 60% of them think it’s “somewhat, very, or extremely important that their child’s name be unique.” This number quite differs from past generations (44% of Gen-X’ers found it important, and only 35% of Baby Boomers said the same). As the demand for uniqueness grows, today’s parents come up with the most one-of-a-kind name choices making this brain teaser a creative, unexpected, classically cool, and top-secret experience until their beloved baby is born.

    Every year we see fresh and the most unexpected trends in baby names. The top ones are mostly based on what is happening in pop culture these days including books, movies, fashion, and celebrities. Emma, Olivia, Noah, Liam - all these names have become super popular in masses in 2015.

    Yet, when some parents decide to follow pop trends, others prefer to consider more indie baby names chosen by a particular lifestyle; names that are uncommon, but still very unique and meaningful.

    Our predictions for the hottest baby names in 2016?

    Many old-school names will always stay in trend. Naming your baby girl after your loving grandmother (Lydia, Ruby, Margaret, etc.) is classy. But classy is not what we are really after here, is it?

    What is especially unique and hot this year is turning to our Mother Nature and its earthy vibes. Names coming from natural wonders of our planet become the most inspiring for the parents who love outdoors, explore the globe, and admiring the power of nature. Names of flowers, rivers, trees, waterfalls, plants, mountain peaks, stones - everything that illuminates freedom, the spirit of the wild, and simple beauties of the Earth carries along a certain living imprint many parents want to pass to their babies.

    Here are some beautiful baby names related to nature and the universe that we at Wild Dill have fallen in love with.


    Maple, Thyme, Osage, Azolia, Catalina, Elm, Spruce, Ebony, Aster, Dahlia, Primrose, Sage, Willow, Dani, Risco, Mace, Rowan


    Breeze, Dawn, Desert, Echo, Zen, Sunrise, Morning, Freedom, Rainbow, Om, Peace, Rain, Melody, Karma, Harmony, Feather, Light


    Jupiter, Aries, Cloud, Moon, Nova, Starbright, Pluto, Orion, Eclipse, Venus, Space

    Once the hardest part is done and a baby’s name is chosen, it’s a good time to welcome a newborn with a gift.

    • The gift that will accompany them in the first months and years of exploring the world.
    • The gift that will be as close to nature as their names thanks to its organic and fair trade baby materials.
    • And finally, the gift that will help babies identify who they are.

    At Wild Dill baby clothes store, we have a one-of-a-kind fair trade baby clothes and fair trade baby products selection that will add some thought and love to your gift giving.

    • Modern Alphabet Series by BabySoy

    These series of adorable organic cotton kids clothes with modern alphabet prints on them will be a perfectly soft and comfy natural gift for a newborn.

    • Alphabet Animal Onesies & T-shirts by Biome5

    A perfect birthday gift can be one of these fun kids organic cotton onesies and teess with big letters, graphic animals, and upside down names for a child to see what they are wearing. Best of all these are screenprinted by hand in the USA.

    Wild Dill Fair Trade store presents these fun fair trade children’s toys and accessories. Pick a letter that matches a child’s name and liven up their room with this embroidered space themed framed piece of art.

    January 22, 2016 by Tina Bar-On