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Why Organic Clothing? The Health & Environmental Benefits to consider

Posted on 29 January 2016

Why Organic Clothing? The Health & Environmental Benefits to consider

Dressing your little ones can be the most exciting and fun occupation as a parent. At Wild Dill we do our best at offering parents the highest quality organic clothing for babies, organic toddler clothes, baby bedding, fair trade children’s toys, and other fair trade baby products we trust for our own families and for our children. We support ethical children’s fashion, green products, and made in the USA and Europe brands. Organic cotton along with bamboo fabric, soy fiber are the materials we choose for the kids, whose parents do care about what they dress their children in, about our environment, fair trade, and a happy, healthy living.

We care about organic baby clothes and products, first of all, because we believe that one can’t change the world all by themselves, but can still impact it and make it a better place, at least for our children’s future.  Each item in Wild Dill baby store, from infant baby onesies to cotton sleep sacks, are designed with love and care by independent designers and use the best materials including organic, bamboo fabric, or soy fiber. We are committed to selling only organic, natural, and free trade baby clothes keeping in mind the world we live in and setting a example for the future generations to make it different and better

Why do we care about organic clothes for kids so much? If we are becoming so concerned about what we eat, going more frequently for organic products, especially for our little ones, it’s time to rethink what we wear, too. Not many of us know that clothes we regularly wear are also produced from crops, mainly cotton crops, the world's most popular fiber yet the most pesticide dependent crop in the world. If chemicals used for growing fruits and veggies we eat daily are more or less regulated, the amount of pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals in fabric industry is NOT. As we come in contact with cotton every day, clothes we wear, diapers we buy for babies, pillowcase we sleep on, at times, we have no idea what kind of cotton it is.

The majority of cotton items we use everyday are made from conventional cotton that requires the use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals that destroy the environment and have severe impact on our health. According to PANNA (Pesticide Action Network North America) we absorb more of the harmful pesticides with clothes than we even realize. Pesticide runoff and spray drift leach into our water and livestock ingest contaminated cotton straw and cottonseed in their fed. And the thought of our children wearing clothes made out of the kind of cotton, which production uses 25% of all pesticides amounting to 50 million pounds on US fields alone, gives us goose bumps.

Babies’ life in the first five years is the most carefree and deeply influenced and depended not only on food and water it consumes, but also on household quality and pesticide drift. The Organic Trade Association states that there are no toxic pesticides and no fertilizers used when growing organic cotton. Produced with special methods that incorporate crop rotation, physical removal of weeds, hand hoeing instead of using chemicals, organic cotton, never grown from genetically modified seeds, is the safest for sensitive babies' skin and protects from harmful bacteria related to pesticides that pollute watersheds, ruin the soil, and viciously destroy ecosystems.

By its nature, a baby’s skin can be compared to silk, very thin and porous, the most absorbent of fabrics, and the least resistant to insects and the exposure to the direct sunlight. That means that a baby’s skin is super sensitive and fragile. And now think about what can be closer to your baby than you are? What kisses and touches your baby’s skin more often than you do? Blankets, onesies, pajamas, tops and leggings, tiny socks, etc. Have you read tags on them? 

Going for organic cotton clothing for toddlers and babies we choose a pesticide-free, safer environment for our loved ones. Its natural and breathable strong fiber lasts longer and is highly recommended by doctors, especially for babies with extremely sensitive skin, eczema and other skin rashes. Whether it’s soft infant onesies, crib sheets or toddler towels, at Wild Dill you can be sure each piece is just so wonderfully soft and safe against your baby’s tender skin. You can be sure that your baby is hugged with the highest quality, toxin-free, hypoallergenic materials that not only protect your little one, but these baby boy and baby girl organic clothes will become their favorites for more cuddles and wrap-ups, as through wash after wash organic cotton becomes only softer and cozier.

GOTS-certified (The Global Organic Textile Standard that recognizes textile products that contain a minimum of 70% organic fibres), our organic cotton clothing for toddlers and babies selection is not only safe for babies, but is also safe for the environment.

At Wild Dill we believe that choosing kids organic cotton is a small step towards improving the environment for future generations, nurturing healthy habits, and expressing love and care to the most precious achievements in our lives - our children.

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