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Brand Spotlight: Ideo Collection Paris

Posted on 25 May 2014

Ideo Collection is a brand of organic cotton baby clothing from Paris, exclusively available in the US through Wild Dill.


Ideo was the first French designer to launch an ethical and environmentally friendly products range in 2002. The success was immediate and many competitors have followed since. Ideo offers now creative and original fair trade and organic collections for babies, children and adults.  
The Ideo Design Inspiration
Every season Ideo finds a new angle to mix fashion, ecology and ethics and develop new themes: French Renaissance, nomadism, importance of water on earth, or eco focus. The prints of Ideo, such as World Citizen “Citoyen du Monde” or “Ecokid” are bestsellers of the brand. At Wild Dill we love their top quality onesies and french style dresses.

The Ideo Materials
Ideo uses soft organic certified cotton grown traditionally in Central India by using local and naturally occurring pesticides from plant and animal matter. Ideo received the Ecocert label for the cotton culture and the Skal label for the manufacturing process. All prints are water based on light colors, and PVC free on darker colors. The white color is obtained with peroxide and not with bleach.

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