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Save Money by Using a Resuable Lunchbox

Posted on 19 August 2014

Did you know, that if you switched away from using disposable lunchware such as plastic baggies and paper napkins, that you could save about $435 a year? Yep, our friends at ECOlunchbox did a study in 2009, that calculated the savings for a family that had two kids and one adult packing lunch five times a week.

lunch savings graphic


So what to do? Try one of these great re-usable lunch box options available from our friends at Abe's Market! For eco-friendly dishware for use at home check-out the EAT section on Wild Dill.

 Click here to see the whole line of super-durable, easy to clean, plastic-free lunchware.
5. Eco Chic Furoshiki Bento Box Kit
The original eco lunchbag from Japan sewn from colorful fair trade textiles hand-printed by artisans using wooden blocks and wax batik techniques.
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4. Oval + Cup
This super-classy 2-piece lunch set includes a large oval container plus a smaller cup that's ideal for sauces, dips or other wet foods.
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3. Three-In-One
With three nesting containers, this lunchbox is ideal for school lunches. Most kids pack a sandwich and two side dishes, this ensures their food won't get mixed up!
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2. Solo Cube
This is a classic reusable sandwich box, durable and light-weight, but without the plastic!
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1. Blue Water Bento Lunch Kit
This is a fantastic leak-proof lunchbox without plastic! The silicone lid and the quirky screen-printed lunch bag are a crowd favorite.
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