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Bluum Box - Monthly Surprises for Mom & Baby

Posted on 18 May 2015

What is Bluum box?

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I just discovered a super cool new monthly subscription box for mom and baby called Bluum Box. The items included go from pregnancy all the way to age 5. I'm already a big fan of the monthly boxes as a way to discover amazing new products for myself from organic snacks to skincare but I never really thought of it for kids products so this seems like a fun way to discover new products and brands for me to feature here.

How does it work?

What is really cool about Bluum box is the level of customization that they allow from buying a box for yourself or as a gift. If you get a multi-month box subscription the boxes evolve to match the age and development stage of your child.

When signing up you get an full range of options starting with babies age, gender, and name. From there you can pick who you are as a gift giver (parent, grandparent, friend, etc) and categories of products you want and best of all, ones you don't want. In my case I would choose my top 3 product categories that I like to get as a surprise: books, food, and bathtime and excluded the 3 that I am picky about and would rather choose myself: safety, playtime and getting dressed.

How much does it cost?

I found the pricing to be very reasonable, with 1 month starting box at $29 with shipping included all the way down to $23 for a year subscription.

What is included?

Each box is different but from what I found in their online shop the product assortment is very large. I see a few brands that I already know and love for their green and eco-friendly qualities including BabySoy clothing, Estella baby rattles, Satsuma Designs accessories, Petite Frites blankets, Eco-Kids toys, Natursutten, Ecovessel and more.

Is it worth it?

Yes, from what I've ready so far I think the Bluum box is a great gift and fun way to discover products. The customization is some of the best I've seen and they really do curate great quality brands so you aren't getting a box full of junky stuff.

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Click here to starting bluuming today!

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