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Fair Trade: 5 Reasons to Support It

Posted on 27 December 2015

As parents we deal with children’s clothes on a daily basis: washing it, drying it, folding it, and then dressing our babies in it. But have you ever taken a second, when handling clothing and bedding, or when collecting all the toys they play with into the basket while they nap, to look beyond just a brand name on the tag of your son’s beloved pajamas or your little princess’s holiday dress? Have you ever asked where your children’s toys and clothing come from? Who stands behind their production?

These are the things that matter to us and that we care about at Wild Dill. We believe that fair trade children’s toys and fair trade baby clothes are designed to educate consumers on the reasons behind buying fair trade products, the reasons that, at first sight, seem not quite relevant. Fair trade clothing for children and fair trade kids’ toys are not only about quality organic products made out of safe materials, but also they are about people who work hard to deliver the best to our children.

So what is fair trade? Fair trade goods are just that. Fair. Fair to people who work on the farms, especially in the developing countries. Fair to their wages and rights. Fair to global trade practices, equal and fair partnership between producers and marketers (Fair Trade USA). Fair to the environment and natural resources.

Wild Dill fair trade products and organic fair trade baby clothes collection is here to make the first step to change the power of our everyday consumption. And here are the five reasons why we are going for fair trade baby clothing:

1. Fair trade farmers can count on. Fair trade is committed to strengthening partnerships between buyers and producers making the work conditions and wages  much better. When workers are happy they make fair trade baby products with more love and care and we receive those we choose these products among others.

2. Fair trade saves the environment. Fair trade supports only sustainable practices of growing crops and nurturing them and minimizes the footprint left by the humans on the planet.

3. Fair trade supports local economies that now can build and run their own businesses instead of working for a middle man.

4. Fair trade builds collaborative relationships with women and artisans from developing countries through providing them jobs and a market for the goods they handcraft.

5. Fair trade means you care about what you buy. You not only purchase high quality and safe for your children organic and free trade baby clothing, but also make the difference in the lives of the people who grow and make the goods you wear every day.

Baby gift fair trade along with baby clothing fair trade encourage us to learn more what’s beyond the label of our favorite brand. At Wild Dill baby clothes store we care about the brands we offer our customers. One of our beloved ones that is also a part of fair trade support activity is Dsenyo brand.

Dsenyo handmade in Malawi not only produces outstanding organic kids clothes and ethical fashion items using low-impact dyes and sustainable fibers like buriti palm, jute, and organic cotton, but also addresses social and economic problems by giving jobs to people in developing countries, caring about the environment, using recycling materials where possible, and simple enlightening its customers about all the small steps they can do to protect our planet and our children’s future by raising fair trade awareness.

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