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5 Ideas for Fun & Useful Natural Baby Gifts

Tina Bar-On

Posted on January 20 2016

5 Ideas for Fun & Useful Natural Baby Gifts

Whether it’s a holiday, birthday party, or the first baby shower of a friend of yours, it’s impossible to imagine celebrating these occasions without giving gifts. Gift giving is the most rewarding and happy experience all along the way from choosing a gift to actually presenting it. Especially, gift giving turns into a magical process when you choose something special for a little one. Either for your own kids or for your friends’ babies choosing gifts at times becomes the most complicated task because here a gift is more than just a gift, but a purposeful contribution into a child’s future.

At Wild Dill baby store we truly believe that gifts not only strengthen the bonds between people, but also help direct the future of someone. Presents are imaginative and reflect how we see the recipient. We give nice clothes to someone we think could dress better or a new book to challenge someone’s mind. But with giving gifts to babies it’s vital to spend a little extra time and think through what a gift should be like, so that it not only serves a purpose, but is also healthy and safe for a baby.

Organic clothing for babies and fair trade children’s toys are the gifts worth considering. Not only fun and creative, but also natural, these gifts will be remembered and parents approved. Giving fair trade baby products and organic fair trade baby clothing shows that you care about a child’s health, you don’t neglect the fact how your gift will affect the baby, and you give your respect to the parents who wish only the best for their children.

At Wild Dill we offer useful gift ideas from organic free trade baby clothes to fun natural accessories, and here are our five favorites:


by Zid Zid Kids

Give a little one a soft hug-buddy they will never let go. Handcrafted with love in Marrakech from organic soft materials, Gia Giraffe pillow is fun not only to play with, but is also perfect for night-night time.


by Breganwood

Looking for something unusual and super useful? Don’t look any further. Wild Dill baby clothes introduces you to these funsome thrio: Busy Beaver, Sleepy Owl, and Playful Fox. Crafted from 100% organic cotton and low impact dyes, these colorful and extremely soft hooded bath towels will have your little ones dry and snuggly. Bath time will be no longer about screams and shivering from cold.


by Olive & Pickles

When babies are teething both parents and little ones may have uneasy times. This fun bunny ears teether will turn these times into pleasant moments. Crinkle bunny ears make fun sounds as baby touches them stimulating sound learning, and the safe wooden handle is so easy to grasp and hold with tiny hands - babies will love this.


by Cotton Monkey

This set of a baby bib, burp cloth, and a zipper bag is a perfect present not as much for a baby as for a mother. Made with 100% organic cotton and non-toxic dyes in the USA, the set is uniquely designed with modern, peaceful floral ornaments, very stylish and practical.


by Winter Water Factory

A trendy and in-demand present for babies will always be a jumpsuit. Whether fluffy and soft, or breathable and light, jumpsuits and onesies are the comfiest clothes for little ones. Baby outer for winter brand, Winter Water Factory is famous for its cozy organic cotton kids clothes and organic cotton winter toddler clothing. This classy romper made from organic cotton french terry with white polar bears will hug a baby’s skin with its softest material all winter long.

These five presents we chose from Wild Dill organic children’s clothing and toys collection carry with them a great deal of love and care about the babies you give these presents to and their future, and will be highly acknowledged by any parent.

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