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A Brain Teaser of Naming Your Baby: Name Trends 2016 and Beyond

Posted on 22 January 2016

 Name Trends 2016 and Beyond

When it comes to choosing a baby name parents-to-be get to this task as responsibly and creatively as they can. Indeed, choosing a name for the bundle of joy you are expecting can be difficult and stressful.

According to a recent Time poll on Millennial parents 60% of them think it’s “somewhat, very, or extremely important that their child’s name be unique.” This number quite differs from past generations (44% of Gen-X’ers found it important, and only 35% of Baby Boomers said the same). As the demand for uniqueness grows, today’s parents come up with the most one-of-a-kind name choices making this brain teaser a creative, unexpected, classically cool, and top-secret experience until their beloved baby is born.

Every year we see fresh and the most unexpected trends in baby names. The top ones are mostly based on what is happening in pop culture these days including books, movies, fashion, and celebrities. Emma, Olivia, Noah, Liam - all these names have become super popular in masses in 2015.

Yet, when some parents decide to follow pop trends, others prefer to consider more indie baby names chosen by a particular lifestyle; names that are uncommon, but still very unique and meaningful.

Our predictions for the hottest baby names in 2016?

Many old-school names will always stay in trend. Naming your baby girl after your loving grandmother (Lydia, Ruby, Margaret, etc.) is classy. But classy is not what we are really after here, is it?

What is especially unique and hot this year is turning to our Mother Nature and its earthy vibes. Names coming from natural wonders of our planet become the most inspiring for the parents who love outdoors, explore the globe, and admiring the power of nature. Names of flowers, rivers, trees, waterfalls, plants, mountain peaks, stones - everything that illuminates freedom, the spirit of the wild, and simple beauties of the Earth carries along a certain living imprint many parents want to pass to their babies.

Here are some beautiful baby names related to nature and the universe that we at Wild Dill have fallen in love with.


Maple, Thyme, Osage, Azolia, Catalina, Elm, Spruce, Ebony, Aster, Dahlia, Primrose, Sage, Willow, Dani, Risco, Mace, Rowan


Breeze, Dawn, Desert, Echo, Zen, Sunrise, Morning, Freedom, Rainbow, Om, Peace, Rain, Melody, Karma, Harmony, Feather, Light


Jupiter, Aries, Cloud, Moon, Nova, Starbright, Pluto, Orion, Eclipse, Venus, Space

Once the hardest part is done and a baby’s name is chosen, it’s a good time to welcome a newborn with a gift.

  • The gift that will accompany them in the first months and years of exploring the world.
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  • And finally, the gift that will help babies identify who they are.

At Wild Dill baby clothes store, we have a one-of-a-kind fair trade baby clothes and fair trade baby products selection that will add some thought and love to your gift giving.

  • Modern Alphabet Series by BabySoy

These series of adorable organic cotton kids clothes with modern alphabet prints on them will be a perfectly soft and comfy natural gift for a newborn.

  • Alphabet Animal Onesies & T-shirts by Biome5

A perfect birthday gift can be one of these fun kids organic cotton onesies and teess with big letters, graphic animals, and upside down names for a child to see what they are wearing. Best of all these are screenprinted by hand in the USA.

Wild Dill Fair Trade store presents these fun fair trade children’s toys and accessories. Pick a letter that matches a child’s name and liven up their room with this embroidered space themed framed piece of art.

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