How Natural Baby Products are Changing Future Generations

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Posted on January 29 2016

How Natural Baby Products are Changing Future Generations

Guest post by: Kaitlin Krull

In an increasingly environmentally conscious world, it’s easy to think that we’re doing our part to live healthier, more eco-friendly lifestyles. Eating organic foods, buying Fair trade and ethical products, and cleaning our homes with natural cleaning supplies are all excellent ways to help reduce both our carbon footprint and our intake of toxic chemicals. However, those of us with children should also know that there are natural alternatives for the whole family. Using these kinds of baby products regularly can help to change future generations’ outlook on the environment in a number of ways.

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Making a difference to the environment

Purchasing baby products made from organic and natural materials helps the environment. While we know that chemicals and pesticides are detrimental to both our own health and that of the wildlife and organisms near them, cotton production is not currently regulated in the same way as other consumables. This means it’s up to us to choose organic clothing to be sure it is free from harmful chemicals. Organic cotton is produced with no chemicals or pesticides, and as such is the logical alternative to other standard clothing and bedding. At Modernize, we particularly love soft, comfortable baby clothes like this Babysoy K Modern Alphabet Organic Footie, made from organic cotton and bamboo rayon.


Breaking negative cycles

When shopping for baby products, it can be so easy to choose the same products your parents bought when you were little, or any number of popular name-brand items. Unfortunately, most of the bathing and baby care products on the market today are full of chemicals and potentially toxic materials. Break the cycle by making smart choices when shopping for these kinds of products: choose chemical-free, natural products from brands such as Weleda (we swear by this diaper cream) to keep baby out of harm’s way.


Setting a positive example

Making informed decisions when it comes to the baby products we buy not only helps the environment (and baby), but lets others know that we know what’s going into them. Lead by example by choosing organic, natural products (one of our favorites is the Mezoome Muslin Swaddle Blanket) time and time again, and friends and family will take note. With any luck, these kinds of environmentally conscious decisions will rub off on our little ones as well, helping them to make the same kinds of decisions later on in life.


Instilling healthy habits

While hoping our children observe and understand our positive example is a step in the right direction, why not do one better by teaching them the importance of environmental consciousness on a regular basis? When buying organic clothing, natural products, and eco-friendly toys (like the adorable Sera’s Wooden Play Kitchen from Elves & Angels), involve children in the process. Explain things like the following: why organic is best, which fibers are better for us and the environment than others, and how they can continue to help the Earth and each other. Exactly how much information they take in can be surprising (and we all know that kids never forget a thing).

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