Interview with Mezoome Designs

Tina Bar-On

Posted on February 09 2016

Recently I got a chance to meet with the founder and designer of one of my favorite organic children's brands Mezoome Designs! Mayaan was kind enough to answer a few questions for Wild Dill on how she got started and what she thinks of the brand.

We love your products! Tell us a little bit about how the company got started. 

The company got started when my oldest daughter was born.
I love babies textile and accessories and I looked for things that will fit together with the rest of my house and not look too childish or corny.
Since I couldn't find anything I liked, I started to play with designs and patterns on my computer and magic got started...  :-) . 

My vision is to create products that incorporate functionality and aesthetics with high quality materials that both children and parents can enjoy for years to come.


What is one of your most popular products?

My most popular products is definitely the sleeping bag, followed by the pully mully and Wabbit blanket.

What types of items do you create?

I design bedding, accessories, and apparel for babies & kids.

I try and come up with new products all the time and expand the product range available.

At the moment I'm working on a new product design that should be available in mid April - I'm very exceited about it, since new characters will be joining the Mezoome Gang!

Why did you decide to use organic cotton and other eco-friendly materials?

I love the idea of natural as opposed to industrial products. 

In the past, organic fabrics used to be expensive, but now it's more affordable and can easily be used to create everyday products.

On top of all that, Organic cotton and other eco-friendly materials are softer and have a better feel to babies.

Your characters are adorable—how did you come up with them?


I tried to think about something that babies and kids can relay to and that will also appeal to the parents, and what can be better than cute, funny, whimsical and beautiful animal characters?

When I designed them, I tried to keep them as simple as possible to try and create a pattern design that will be classic & timeless. 

Why do parents—and kids!—love your line?

I guess that the simple & childish, but yet not corny or common design, combined with a different personality for each character makes people love it.

I think parents can relay to the design since it's not too childish and can look good even in the living room - I try not to fall into the "trap" of pink for girls and light blue for boys, but to use colors that can be considered as unisex.

As for the children, I think that from a child point of view the characters are lovable and cute and are easy to connect with, and depending on the child's age - make up a story for the characters or simply stare at the pattern and vibrant colors

What’s the most fun part of your job?
Knowing that I touch someones heart everyday and that babies & kids can enjoy the Mezoome family at least as much as I enjoy creating them. 

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