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Baby's First Easter: How to Make It Special

Posted on 10 March 2016

With Easter is just around the corner, it’s a perfect time to start thinking how you are going to celebrate it, so your little ones have fun and warm memories left about this wonderful family holiday when they are much older. Little toddlers and babies don’t know much about the holiday and its traditions yet, so it’s all up to you, parents, to teach and expose them to the excitements of the season of bunnies, colored eggs, fun bunny costumes, and, of course, the rebirth of mother Nature.

At Wild Dill baby clothes online store, we’ve assembled heads-ups that will help you make baby’s first Easter meaningful and memorable for both, baby and you.

Make your little one’s first Easter basket

There’s no Easter for children without Easter baskets. At stores you can always find a huge variety of pre-made baskets. But though your baby may be too little to appreciate it, we think that putting your heart and soul to making your own personalized basket will bring joy not only to the baby, but also to you. What to put into your baby’s first Easter basket? We all know how babies love crinkly stuff and colorful toys that can produce any noise. So pack a couple of Easter baby gifts and bright naturals Easter toys like a hazel village rabbit doll or a pastel toy rabbit car into the basket, weave beautiful spring-pastels-colored ribbon through its handle, and add a couple of wooden or paper eggs to bring a touch of love and care to your little bundles of joy on this special day.

Start your own Easter tradition

Easter is all about tradition and family bonding. Think about some of your favorite Easter moments from your childhood. What might you want to reproduce with your little one? Dying eggs, baking a cake, eating a big meal all together, or having a mini egg hunt in the backyard - all these can be done with toddlers to make Easter day more fun and memorable.

Dress up your baby

Dressed up little babies are the most adorable thing ever. The choice of Easter-themed toddler boy organic clothing and toddler girl organic clothing is endless. If you don’t feel like making a little bunny out of your child, you can always opt for cute pastel clothing like a little dress for a girl or a suit for a little man. Easter is a perfect occasion to take good family shots, so with a dressed up baby these pictures will become extra cute and special.

  • Expose your baby to nature
  • Since Easter happens during spring, it also symbolizes the rebirth: nature starts shaking off the winter crust and welcomes new life in everything around. Let baby bathe in this magic and glory of awakening nature by taking them for a walk into a park, or woods, or simple allowing them to play with fresh green grass in the backyard, let them touch it, feel its softness. Create this bond between nature and baby, plant that admiration of natural powers and wonders into young hearts.

    Let your baby have a feast along with your family members

    Although, depending on baby’s age, not everyone can eat adult food yet, if your baby is over six months old (that’s what pediatricians recommend), you can go ahead and experiment with feeding them some real food. Whether it’s a tiny bite of mashed potato or a piece of ham, real food at a family table will make baby feel included in the celebration of the holiday. But before choosing what food to give your baby at a holiday table, consult with your pediatrician. Remember, that babies younger than one year old cannot have eggs, chocolate, honey, and other sweet treats that go in abundance on Easter.

    Easter is a truly wonderful family holiday babies should be exposed to at the earliest steps of their lives. Making your Easter celebration creative, warm, and filled with fun activities and traditions will make these memories very special to your children when they grow up.

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