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A Modern Toy for the Eco-Friendly Parent

Posted on 03 November 2017

With the holiday season upon us, you might find yourself looking for a toy that can be safely enjoyed by a range of ages. zooMODERN is a wonderful choice to fulfill this need. Made from eco-friendly wood & wool, this product is safe for little hands to hold, snuggle, and love time & time again.

Four wooden toy animals face foward

The simplicity of the product adds to it's charm. The four animals -- an owl, fox, rabbit, & bear-- are slightly taller than a pack of crayons making them both easy to transport on childhood adventures, but small enough to hold onto for comfort at bedtime. The unique design of zooMODERN, which will eventually biodegrade after tiny tots are done loving it, will be a gift remembered for years to come.

Glen, the creator of zooModern, spent years perfecting this product after he became a parent and saw the need to stop giving children plastic. While he missed the opportunity to give one to his own daughter, he has striven to create a toy worthy of the modern child. zooModern toys are manufactured in New York City.

Four wooden toy animals face away

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