A trip down memory lane with a Little Golden Book

Tina Bar-On

Posted on June 15 2016

A trip down memory lane with a Little Golden Book

Do you remember the Little Golden Books? They have tons of titles and this is the story of my absolute favorite one, "Where did the Baby Go?".



Thank you Etsy for the most amazing vintage items! I found my absolute favorite book as a child - "Where Did the Baby Go?" so I can now read it to my kids.
My baby was playing with my sun hat recently and I had a total flashback to this book and just to find it. I didn't know the book title just that was a Golden book imprint. The distinctive silver spine is how I remember finding it on my bookshelf when I wanted my mom to read it to me.
I showed it to my parents this weekend and they were so surprised! Brought them back to the early 80s with lots of happy memories.
So now I am marking this trip down memory lane with my favorite page in the book, my floppy hat, my baby quilt hand stiched by my grandma, and best of all my own little baby! Big brother liked the story but wasn't too interested in my photo project.


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