Cleaning with Oh Goodness to put Your Mommy Mind at Rest

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Posted on October 26 2017

Cleaning with Oh Goodness to put Your Mommy Mind at Rest

The solution to safe cleaning that will finally put your mommy mind to rest! A subscription box for homemade cleaning supplies that smell great, include natural pronounceable cleaning agents, and best of all gets the job done! 

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I remember the day my baby was old enough to start picking things up and putting them in her mouth.  I panicked.  My house was clean, our toys were clean, but then we’d go out to the park and something would drop in the dirt. Or when she was older, she’d share! ACK, what if she actually shared – and then that kids hands went on the toy and then again – in to her mouth! Her beautiful little puckery lips suddenly seemed like the orifice of doom! Germs seemed everywhere and I just couldn’t clean often enough.

Then I realized with every cleaning that I really needed to rinse those cleaning chemicals off! How many times should I rinse it I wondered, in order to get ALL the chemicals off?  Could these be good for a baby? My new mommy brain spiraled – what about our dishes? How much of that chemical residue actually got rinsed off there? I looked for a natural brand at the store and did my best, but reading the ingredient list there didn't make me feel much better. It was all a bit over the top at the time, I will admit.

 I wish I’d had then, what I have now – the Oh Goodness! line of cleaning products. It’s a DIY kit that comes in the mail with all natural ingredients that make sense to me. They are pre-packaged and come with an easy recipe card to make your own spray, scrub and dishwashing powder.  It takes about a minute to make each one, which was surprisingly fun. The organic essential oil blend smells so yummy and luscious – not like most of the vinegar-based DIY recipes that don't even always work.

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I’d love to say I’ve been making my own products for years, but honestly I just never had the time. I loved reading the reviews on Oh Goodness! made it easy and I love how they look on the counter. Bright and sunny with cute names that make me smile – You Sparkle and You’re Brilliant. I must admit I feel pretty brilliant when I use it and think, “I made this!”  AND it’s good for my family. Check them out at:


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*valid through Nov 31, 2017

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