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Interview with Beth, Founder of Cheski Sock Co

Posted on 03 November 2016

Have you ever been frustrated with baby socks? Well I have sure have - they always shrink in the wash, get lost and simply don't stay on those little baby toes. Today we meet Beth Dioli founder of Cheski Sock Co, the person who is determined to solve these pesky and annoying baby sock issues while keeping babies feet covered and stylish with socks that actually stay on! 

Meet Beth and learn the story behind Cheski Socks

beth of cheski sock co
We love your products and are so thrilled to carry them at Wild Dill. Tell us a little bit about how Cheski Sock Co got started and what makes your baby socks special?
Thanks! We LOVE that you carry them! 

Cheski Socks were born shortly after my first daughter and none of her socks would stay on. After we found out we were expecting our daughter, I dove head first to the internet. If it was pregnancy or baby related, I was reading it and researching it ad nauseum. There was a product for everything.

With all of the new parent problem solving products, I hadn't considered socks would be the bane of my new parent existence. The fell off almost immediately. And, they shrank to an unusable size after 1 washing.

I scoured stores and the internet for better sock brands, which turned out even worse. They stayed on for SECONDS at best.

I was struggling with breast feeding, trying to recover from a C-section, wondering why my baby was molting on her head and covered in baby acne, coming to terms with my post-partum body, and wondering why all my friends had vanished. No one said it was going to be easy but on top of everything, I was fighting a constant losing battle with SOCKS?!

On one particularly bad sock day, I looked at my husband and said, " Why can't anyone design a baby sock that stays on?? Never mind I am going to do it!"

The socks are special because they are sized to shrink to fit and have elastic around the arch of the foot and ankle to help keep them in place.  Also, the knee sock design keeps shins warm and covered from riding pant legs.... Perfect for baby wearing and active kickers!

cheski socks boy style 3 pack
What is your bestseller and your favorite sock design?
So we just launched the Girls Mixed Designs and they are quickly becoming our "best seller". I just love them all (I designed them) but my favorite is the scalloped stripe. (far left)

pink girl socks scallop stripe

Any new products you can tell us about?
Rumors are flying about an ankle sock design...

What is one word of advice you have for new parents?
Go with your gut. And you are doing a great job! Keep it up!

cheski girl socks

What is your favorite baby shower gift to give a new parent?
Baby Paper. It kept Georgie occupied for an INSANE amount of time. and Cheski Socks...because I think they're the best too!

Wild Dill supports the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation as our donationl partner. In the spirit of this theme, what is your favorite fruit tree?

lemon tree image

What inspires you?
Cheese Alert! My Girls! I want to set an example for them that they should go do, make and try whatever they want!

beth of cheski sock co with family
Thank you Beth for sharing the story of Cheski Sock Company with us!

3 reasons to love Cheski Socks

* Designed by a Mom to stay on babies kicking feet
* Fun designs for baby boys and girls
* Ethically made in Korea

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