Interview with Organic Designs! Maker of adorable organic nap mats

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Posted on January 03 2017

interview with Hande founder of Organic Designs

Sleep and nap times are very important for young children. To make the nap experience easy and comfortable away from home we turn to Organic Designs, designer of the sweetest organic nap mats. Each one is made from top quality organic cotton in fun prints and come with their own little pillow. The mats fold over so no need to worry about zipping and unzipping kids into their portable beds!

Meet Hande and learn the story behind Organic Designs Co
hande founder of organic designs nap mat

We love your products and are so thrilled to carry them at Wild Dill. Tell us a little bit about how Organic Designs got started and what makes your nap mats special?
Thank you! My brand got started when my kids switched to nap mats at daycare. As you know, little kids spend quite some time sleeping on those mats. I had continuously been reading about the toxins, harmful chemicals and of course off gassing from those mats. I did not feel comfortable being away from them and knowing that they are breathing in substances that affect their health negatively. In that same year, I had 2 friends whose toddlers were diagnosed with cancer and that gave me the real push to start Organic Designs. We make organic nap mats from organic cotton fabric and batting. We never use any chemical washes or finishes on our products. Our organic nap mats have been so popular from the start that we have expanded our line to carry organic toddler pillows, pillow cases and comforters. All our products are made in the USA with the highest quality materials.

baby on nap mat
What is your bestseller and your favorite product? 
Our best sellers are of course our organic nap mats. Not only are they super healthy but also they come in the cutest designs. Who said organic has to be boring? My favorite product... It is hard to choose. I design all my products myself and love them all equally.

All of your products are made from organic cotton. Can you tell us a bit more about why organic cotton is important? 
Where to begin with the importance of organic cotton? Organic cotton is free of pesticides, herbicides and many other toxic chemical sprays. These treatments are known to cause birth defects, learning disabilities, reproductive disorders and weaker immune systems. Since your little one spends around 10 hours sleeping everyday, we believe it is essential to choose organic cotton materials for these reasons. Organic cotton is also softer and easier on your little one's skin and better for our planet Earth. 

What is one word of advice you have for new parents? 
Enjoy your first year! Don't forget the days are long but the years are very very short. We miss that stage oh so very much!

baby with puppy and nap mat

What is your favorite baby gift to give? 
Our favorite baby shower gift is our organic toddler play mats/comforters. They are made with organic cotton fabric and batting as well. They are a very healthy alternative to the polyester filled or plastic play mats on the market. When you baby is in the toddler stage they become organic toddler comforters so they last you for years to come. They have 2 sides - one side is the organic fabric with the pattern and the other side is the softest organic flannel - which give you the versatility to switch as you see fit. They come in the cutest colors and designs and we really cannot recommend them enough. They are amazing!

Wild Dill supports the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation as our donation partner. In the spirit of this theme, what is your favorite fruit tree?
We LOVE apple trees!

What inspires you? 
My kids inspire me every single day.
Thank you Hande for sharing the story of Organic Designs with us!

3 reasons to love Organic Designs

* Designed by a Mom to make nap time healthier and safer
* Fun designs from beautiful organic fabrics 
* Made in USA





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