Interview with the Founders of Globe Totters

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Posted on October 27 2016

Interview with the Founders of Globe Totters
We are kicking off a new interview series going behind the scenes with some of our favorite brands to get to know them better. We learn how they got started, what is next for their brand, what inspires them and even ask them about their favorite fruit tree.

I'd like to introduce a brand that is for travelers of every age, Globe Totters makes travel inspired organic baby toy city blocks. Each block features hand drawn illustrations that teach about geography, culture and food for that city. Best of all the blocks are all handmade in the USA!

Meet the founders of Globe Totters: Angela & Justin

angela and justin of Globe Totters

We love your products are so thrilled to carry them at Wild Dill. Tell us a little bit about how the brand got started and what makes your products special?
Thank you! Globe Totters was born one evening at our kitchen table when our daughter was 4 months old. As new parents (Angela & Justin) who love to travel (Justin has participated in Habitat for Humanity builds around the world), we wanted to create a way to show our little girl the world when she was too small to travel.  We wanted to bring a new product to the market with an educational focus for the youngest of minds. 

With a background in design, I (Angela) began illustrating the images on the blocks while our little girl napped.  Each block features a boy and girl known as the Globe Tots.  They are located in a different city scene as they travel the world.  Our motto is "the whole world in their hands".

We created Globe Totters organic city blocks in the most eco and natural way possible with organic cotton printed with water based inks.  We make our blocks to the standards we want our own daughter playing with.  We are proud to say that all our materials are sourced in the USA and equally proud to make each block by hand in Brooklyn, NY. 

globetotters 10 cities

What is your bestseller and your favorite city in your collection?
Our bestsellers are the New York City Block and the Paris Block. Angela's favorite block is the LA City Block because of its pastel color palette and beach vibe.  Justin's favorite block is the Seattle City Block, one of his favorite cities.  He loves the city landmarks including the Space Needle and the Globe Totters depicted as Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love; a throwback to the grunge era and Justin's favorite music.

globe totters cities
Any new cities or products that you can tell us about?
Yes! We are working on a few new cities that will launch for this coming holiday season. The first one is home to some of the best BBQ in the country and the other one had a famous tea party. Can you guess the cities? 

Why do you use organic cotton in your toy blocks?
We feel strongly that our kids deserve the safest, cleanest and the most environmentally friendly products as they grow. When harvesting regular cotton as opposed to organic cotton, the soil is prepared by spraying of insecticides and pesticides which can cause cancer. When producing regular cotton, toxic waxes and bleaching are used which is released into the environment. The finishing and dying process is also toxic, using heavy metals and sulfur. Alternatively with organic cotton is grown without pesticides and synthetic stabilizers.  Safe peroxide is used in the whitening process and low impact dyes with very low metal and sulphur content. These are just some of the reasons to choose organic cotton over regular cotton.  

What is one word of advice you have a for new parents? 
It all goes by so fast! Really enjoy every moment even the tough times because they too will pass. Take as many photos and videos and engage with your little ones with play!

What is your favorite baby shower gift to give a new parent?
We always give our Globe Totters city blocks and not just because it is our company, but because they are fun, organic and  the perfect gifting size for newborns and infants!  We always give a city block that resonates with who we are giving it too.  Many of our customers love to share with their little ones their favorite city, the city where they are from, city they were met or were married.

Wild Dill supports the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation as our donation partner. In the spirit of this theme, what is your favorite fruit tree? 
The Mulberry Tree is defintely my (Angela) favorite as I grew up with a Mulberry Tree in my backyard in Brooklyn and we picked the berries every Summer. 

mulberry tree with fruit

Seeing the joy on the faces of little ones when they play with our organic city blocks.  Knowing we are making a difference in the world in helping teach children about the world and doing it in a sustainable way.  

 Thank you Angela & Justin for sharing the story of Globe Totters with us!

3 reasons to love Globe Totters blocks

* Made from Organic Cotton
* Made in USA
* Unique global inspired design

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