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Back To School for Preschool/Daycare

Posted on 19 August 2017

Do you have young children heading back to school? Do they still take naps at nap time? To make the nap experience easy and comfortable away from home check out Organic Designs Co, the creator of the cutest organic nap mats.

Back to School Preschool

Each mat is made with 100% certified organic cotton fabric and filled with 100% certified organic cotton batting. This means they are free of pesticides, herbicides and many other toxic chemical sprays. Organic cotton is also softer and easier on your little one's skin and better for our planet Earth.

The mats come in fun prints and comes with their own little pillow. The mats fold over so no need to worry about zipping and unzipping kids into their portable beds!   The Organic Nap Mat is intended for toddlers and children 1- 6 years of age. It is great for nap time in daycare and preschool but also rest time in kindergarten.

We also love these organic nap mats from Mezoome Designs, which come in 3 cute woodland animal prints. 

Their Organic Woodland Print Nap Mat is just the right size for younger kids and features an adorable gender neutral animal print that kids love. 


I really love that this nap mat is handmade from 100% organic cotton, and can easily be thrown in the washer and dryer on the weekends. With a built in pillow and blanket, this nap mat really has it all, and as an added bonus we can bring it with us on trips so the kids always have somewhere to sleep.

Preschool Activities

Children will also love learning how to tell time with this adorable wooden activity clock. My Activity Clock introduces and/or develops at least dozen educational concepts/activities to older toddlers. 

made in use wooden activity clock for preschoolers

My Activity Clock teaches numbers, time, weather and days of the week. It also helps little ones develop gross motor skills - putting the activity disks in and out of the clock face, and fine motor skills by setting the hands and turning the dials for days of the week and weather. 

The clock can also help children develop a sense of self control, scheduling and routine as certain things happen at the same time every day - bedtime, nap time, etc... Studies have shown that early development of a routine helps children transition into formal educational settings.


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