This Mama's Top 5! Interview with Amanda S.

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Posted on January 31 2019

This Mama's Top 5! Interview with Amanda S.
Welcome to Wild Dill and our newest blog series I am calling This Mama's Top 5, where a beautiful Mom shares her Top 5 products from Wild Dill. 
Today's interview is with photographer and videographer Amanda Speraw, who is in the process of converting an old school bus into a tiny house over @thisisibus !
What is your name and name(s) of your children if you are open to sharing?
I’m Amanda Speraw, and my baby boy’s name is Ezra Sean
photo credit @amanda.speraw
Tell us a bit about your bus conversion project over at @thisisbus? The journey looks amazing!

Thank you!  My husband and I bought an old school bus and are turning it into a fully functional off the grid tiny home.  We’re really hoping to be done within the next couple of months so we can start traveling the continent.

photo credit @amanda.speraw

What inspires you?
I’m really inspired when moms share raw posts online.  Motherhood is HARD.  It’s amazing and wonderful, but it is also super difficult and messy at times.  I love when mamas share their truths because someone else could be going through a similar experience, and knowing that she is not alone could really help her get through. 


I’m also really inspired by mom photographers…mom togs, haha! I love when mothers can capture the candid emotions of their families.  I admire when they have cohesive and thoughtful feeds on instagram.  I’ve made a few friendships with other mom photographers on there, and the sense of community on there is a really cool thing to be a part of. 

photo credit @amanda.speraw

What are your top 5 favorite products from the Wild Dill shop?
  1. Our “LOVED” tee from tenth and pine.  We like to dress Ezra in gender neutral tones, and that shirt is so simple and sweet.  It’s adorable on him!

photo credit @amanda.speraw

  1. The pebble knit food toys.  Ezra has the carrot and beetroot rattles.  We love that they are handmade and fair trade.

photo credit @amanda.speraw

  1. The donuts and ice-cream cones from pebble!  They are ADORABLE, fair-trade, and definitely on our wish list!

  1. I really love the white Oli & Carol natural rubber ducky.  It’s so minimalist and cute.  If we left it out when Ezra had a sink bath, it would just look like our home decor.

  1. Rainbow gauze lovey with teething ring- I’m really into rainbows right now…you’ll see a bunch on our finished bus!  And the babe’s really into teething…so it’s a win win!

Wild Dill supports the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation as our donation partner. In the spirit of this theme, what is your favorite fruit tree? 
It might be a toss up between avocado trees and apple trees….but apple pies….so apple trees! 
Where can we find you online? 
my personal instagram @amanda.speraw
follow our bus adventure @thisisbus
My husband and I are videographers!  Check out

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