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Posted on October 24 2016

mushroom baby onesie from Wild Dill

I'm thrilled to share our latest shop review featured over on the fabulous blog Hey There Hippie Mama! The blog is written by Chyna, a mom of 2 adorable kiddos who now lives completely off grid on a beautiful farm in Texas. She doesn't even have internet access at home so to communicate with the outside world and post blog posts she goes into town and does all her internet work on her mobile phone!

Here are some excerpts of the post and links to her favorite products in the shop. Enjoy!

Hola my crunchy little friends! I hope everyone is having a copacetic start to their week! I know I am because I can finally post my newest addition to my blog! My first ever product review! I am so excited to review for this awesome company because I love them! I’ve been working on this blog post for a while and finally have a chance to post it! We don’t get the Internet out on the farm so balancing between the babies, the animals, and trying to write on an iPhone is a little challenging. But I love a good challenge.   So here it goes…

I am a huge fan of supporting small businesses and when those small businesses offer organic goods or homemade goods that are fair trade, my heart goes pitter-patter! What I love even more is finding such items at a price that won’t break our tight budget! 

As you may have now gathered (if you’ve been keeping up with my blog, which you totally should and go like it on the old FB ), is that we are farm folk and live on a tight budget so that we can work as little as possible and spend all of that extra time with our little family. That’s what is important to us and so we make it happen!  Also important, is teaching our babies earth friendly habits that are good for the environment and themselves. So we try our damnedest to teach by doing and setting the example. And what better way then to keep our house an Eco-and environmentally friendly place while showing support for like minded institutions?!? 

Well one day while I was perusing Instagram, I stumbled across Wild Dill Kids IG account and fell in love instantly. They have so many cute items and I was so excited to try something out! I got online and started browsing, and man it was totally was a tough choice! But I did it, and I think I chose well! 

For my little man I decided to get him something he’s been wanting for a while—play dough. Not just any old store bought play-dough, which is fine if you like that kind of thing… It’s Eco-Dough! This Eco-dough is like a little slice of child heaven! This stuff is totally UH-MAZING and smells divine! It smells just like fresh fruit because it is made with fruit juice, natural oils, and all natural ingredients! 

My son loves it! It’s soft like it should be and doesn’t crumble (thank goodness!). Little man can’t get enough of it and I love playing with it too. I am so glad we got this fun-dough, as I call it. It’s an activity we love to do especially if I’m tending to chores around the house and my little dude needs to keep entertained. I don’t encourage a lot of TV time, and limit it to one movie a day, so we are always looking for activities to keep a busy toddler…well…busy! I totally recommend it! It’s by a sweet little family who are earth conscious and kid conscious too. What’s better than that?


Here is Sunshine working on his counting with the Eco-dough. 

Another sweet product I found on wilddill.com was this adorable onesie. My husband and I LOVE the power of mushrooms. No no no, not to get all trippy on, lol, you little devil you. We love reishi mushrooms, turkey tail mushrooms, etc. and my husband often forages for them and makes tinctures and healing teas. So we are often drawn to mushroom prints, trincates and what have you. I especially love the colors of the amanita muscaria mushroom and have a few items that look like them around the house as decorations. Red with white dots… Something about it I love! 

Well, I just had a baby two and a half months ago and ordered her a little something as well! A pink onesie with amanita muscaria mushrooms on it! It’s adorable, organic, and soft! I love the colors, especially the green outline! Just what I want for my sweet baby girl and her fresh little baby skin! She seems to love it as well! Look at that cuteness!

If y’all are in search for a sweet little gift for a loved one or something new for your kiddos, go check out www.wilddill.com and you won’t be disappointed! You can also use my promo-code  HippieMama for 20% off! 

Also, make sure to follow them on their Instagram Wild Dill Kids! They’re always posting adorable stuff!

Friends, I will always encourage you to make the world a little greener by supporting your local stores, small businesses, and organic shops. You won’t regret it! 

Until next time my greenlings—Have a greener, cleaner, and happier all over day! Namaste!




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