ImagiPLAY was started in 1998 by Barbara Aimes with the idea of creating and manufacturing high quality toys would that were not only safe and fun for her grandchildren, but would inspire children to use their imagination in play and nourish their wonderment of nature. Equally important, ImagiPLAY creates toys that use only environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing practices which minimize impact on the earth. ImagiPlay uses only non-toxic paint that is tested by a 3rd party, SGS international, in Asia. The toys are tested again when they arrive in the United States in order to make sure that they meet or exceed European and US standards. ImagiPlay’s commitment to “our children and their planet” is that every toy they produce is “earth friendly, child safe and people kind.” ImagiPLAY uses renewable, sustainable resources such as rubberwood to make their toys. The plantation-grown rubberwood used to be burned at the end of its latex producing years whereas now it can be made into durable, chemical and preservative-free toys. ImagiPlAY toys are manufactured in only family run factories and co operations throughout Asia, insuring Fair Trade practices such as a fair and living wage, safe and clean working conditions and employment for local workers.