Maple Landmark

In 1984, Mike Rainville, a native Vermonter who had been doing woodworking all of his life, built a new woodshop for his business, Maple Landmark. Over time, the lines of Name Trains and Montgomery Schoolhouse joined the Maple Landmark family. Two main elements of traditional wooden products and cool technologies go into the creation of wholesome, non-violent and eco-friendly toys and gifts. Maple Landmark believes in doing business locally and working with people that they know and trust. Almost 100% of their source materials and components come from local companies: “the nearer, the better.” Maple Landmark’s high quality lumber comes from local sources that adhere to the Vermont Land Use Program, which requires sustainable harvesting. Recycled and minimal packaging is used. The company adheres to American standards of production and employee safety while caring about environmental protection. Skilled craftsman and woodworkers, most native to the area, create Maple Landmark’s high quality wholesome wooden toys with integrity. Maple Landmark designs toys for a hands-on learning experience and imaginative exploration, while just plain having fun! These toys develop a child’s creativity, basic manipulation and construction skills, while having a positive influence on a child’s connection with nature. Maple Landmark’s traditional wooden products are sure to become family heirlooms.

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Includes Monkey, Fish, Teddy and Butterfly Shapes


Includes Train, Fire Truck, Truck, and Bus Shapes