Misha Banjara Fair Trade Dress

$48.00 USD

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Your little gypsy will love this vintage look! A stylish combination of colors featuring a beautiful banjara embroidered top-half with a paisley-print fabric. Banjara embroidery is a hand crafted art tradition of vivacious colors and ornate patterns from a tribal region in India.

Our fair trade items are lovingly made by artisans. Each purchase allows us to move closer to our goal of helping them rise above poverty to become empowered and self-sufficient.

  •  Made in India
  • 100% Cotton 
  • Fair Trade
About Cheeni Girls, Vibrant Clothing for Little Bohemians
Through this artistry of love, I bring you Cheeni––a high-quality, handcrafted children's clothing line.
We sell clothing for adventurous girls. A US based brand, we use non-toxic dyes, and strive for sustainability in production as well as our lifestyle. Our collection encourages playfulness and the pleasure of discovering the wonders of nature, while celebrating the cultural medley of our world.


Sourcing Handmade Vintage Embroideries  

India is known worldwide for its embroidered textiles. What makes them vintage? Caste determines the pattern of the embroidery and remains unchanged from generation to generation. Vintage embroidery is rooted in an ancient dowry tradition where the wife would bring intricately embroidered pieces woven by neighborhood women into her new home. The embroidery also gives us a window into the self and status of the weaver. Many of the good quality vintage embroidery is sourced from long-married, older women. Nowadays younger women no longer focus on the art of embroidery and instead spend their time getting educated. This combined with the fact that there is no longer a requirement in India to wear a certain kind of embroidery to reflect your caste means that embroidered fabrics are no longer being produced as they have been in the past. This explains why beautiful vintage embroidered fabrics are in high demand.