Sonia Fair Trade Dress with Bloomers

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Lightweight with a beautifully feminine pink paisley block print design, our Sonia dress is a staple for your baby’s summer wardrobe. This dress is fair trade and comes complete with bloomers. 

Our fair trade items are lovingly made by artisans. Each purchase allows us to move closer to our goal of helping them rise above poverty to become empowered and self-sufficient.

  •  Made in India
  • 100% Cotton 
  • Fair Trade
About Cheeni Girls, Vibrant Clothing for Little Bohemians
Through this artistry of love, I bring you Cheeni––a high-quality, handcrafted children's clothing line.
We sell clothing for adventurous girls. A US based brand, we use non-toxic dyes, and strive for sustainability in production as well as our lifestyle. Our collection encourages playfulness and the pleasure of discovering the wonders of nature, while celebrating the cultural medley of our world.

Block Printing 

This 500-year-old tradition has been handed down over the generations like most of us hand down beloved recipes––with passion and attention to detail. Plant-based dyes are the secret sauce that breathe life into the carefully carved wooden “stamps.” Their storied application process hinges on the skill and knowledge of the printing master. A print begins as a simple pencil drawing on a piece of paper and then is placed as a template over a Sheesham wood block. Masters carve the pattern methodically. Each block is a repeating pattern. A new block is carved for each color used. First an outline block called ‘rekh’ stamps the design, then the fill block or ‘datta’ is stamped, and lastly the ground color or ‘gud’ is applied. Years of apprenticeship must be performed to gain the mastery required. When printing, special dyes are used and alignment is key. Many dyes need months of curing and sometimes require rare ingredients. The printer must have knowledge of every area of application in order to create these textile masterpieces. The blocks used to create the prints pieces of art all on their own.