Fair Trade White Bunny Zooties

$26.00 USD

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These white bunny rabbit (baby slippers) are handcrafted from locally sourced sheep's wool in Kyrgyzstan. They are the perfect natural and environmentally conscious baby shoe.

Made for babies up to 12 months.

  • Handmade in Kyrgyzstan
  • Made from 100% felted wool
  • Sized for babies
  • Velcro strap

Who made this product? Silk Road Bazaar works with marginalize artisans in Kyrgyzstan. These craftspeople make these felted wool booties by hand using traditional techniques native to their area.

Why is it ethical? Zooties are made of natural and eco-friendly materials by artisans whom are paid fair wage to help live a self-sustaining life. Silk Road Bazaar believes in understanding their artist daily workings by living within their communities for extended periods of time. This way Silk Road Bazaar can use education for self-improvement for each individual worker and their community as a whole.