Ada Organic Girl Doll by Hazel Village

$48.00 USD

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Ada is the first African American doll from Hazel Village. Your child can have a doll that looks just like her! Ada is wearing a coral linen dress. She can share and trade clothes with the other Hazel Village friends, because they are all the same size. She also comes with organic cotton underwear.

Ada has a beautiful rich brown skin tone and is made of organic cotton jersey, and stuffed with washable poly fill. She is 14 inches tall, the same size as all the other Hazel Village dolls and animals, so she can share clothes with them. Ada's face and toes are hand embroidered with cotton thread. Her pigtails are made of black organic cotton fleece fabric, and they are fun to braid and tie with ribbons. 


  • Soft organic doll for all ages from newborn 
  • Gender neutral gift for babies and toddlers
  • Beautiful natural skin tones, girls can have dolls that look like them!


  • 14" tall, removable clothing
  • Hand-stitched details on his eyes, hands, and feet
  • Made from green organic cotton jersey, stuffed with polyfill
  • Hand wash and air dry
  • Designed in Brooklyn, Handmade in India
  • Fits true to size 
  • Lap neck for easy dressing, 4 snap buttons
  • Machine wash on cold, air dry
  • Made in USA


Jane started Hazel Village in 2010 with her own two hands. She set out to make the toys she would have wanted as a child: soft and cute, with a rigorous commitment to immersive, low-tech play.
At Hazel Village we do our best to follow the good example of the animals. The company and the animals have the same core values: we are resourceful, clever, jolly, diligent, and considerate. We make sure  that everyone who works with us is fairly paid and works in good conditions. We hope that Hazel Village empowers kids to play at their best: to make or imagine everything they need to make their dream worlds real.