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  • Butterfly A-Z Wooden Puzzle,Begin Again Toys  - Wild Dill
  • Butterfly A-Z Wooden Puzzle,Begin Again Toys  - Wild Dill
  • Butterfly A-Z Wooden Puzzle,Begin Again Toys  - Wild Dill

Butterfly A-Z Wooden Puzzle

$34.00 USD



This bright and beautiful wooden puzzle for preschoolers helps kids learn letters in a fun and intuitive way, and is great fine-motor practice as well. Upper-case letters are depicted on one side of the butterfly puzzle, and lower-case on the other, extending both play and learning.

The Butterfly Alphabet Puzzle demonstrates the BeginAgain company’s commitment to environmentally responsible design with earth-friendly and kid-friendly materials: the puzzle is made from plantation-grown rubber wood, painted with child-safe stains, and is packaged in a reusable beech wood box that makes cleanup easy.


  • 26 piece puzzle
  • Made from sustainably harvested rubber wood
  • Non-toxic, child safe stains
  • Fairly Made in China


We realize toy manufacturing in China can be concerning we believe that  BeginAgain toys have taken extensive steps to make sure their products are safe for children, the environment and factory workers. Below is a list of FAQs provided to us by the brand. 

What are your toys made from?

BeginAgain toys are made from plant-based materials whenever possible—our goal is to move kids from oil to soil! We use rubberwood, natural rubber, maple wood and beech wood. When necessary, we also use eco-friendly plastics made with corn starch, wheat starch, reclaimed wood and recycled plastic.

Where are your toys made?

BeginAgain toys are made in factories located near the native sources of our plant-based materials. Manufacturing near the source of our materials allows for smarter, more efficient use of energy and natural resources.

 We import many of our China-manufactured toys in bulk and package them individually in the USA, ensuring additional quality control and reducing our shipping footprint.

Why do you use rubberwood?

Rubberwood (hevea brasiliensis) grows very quickly—much like bamboo—and provides vegetable sap that we use to make our durable rubber toys. Grown on farms and plantations (not in forests), the rubberwood trees produce sap for many years. When they are fully mature and stop producing sap, the trees are harvested for their hardwood. Rubberwood trees provide a natural alternative to PVC, vinyl and other pliable, oil-based plastics. It also is a strong, sustainably grown hardwood that is perfect for making heirloom quality toys.

What type of stain/paints do you use?

We use non-toxic, water-based wood stains that are verified child safe by independent laboratories. Our stains and finishes are tested to USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand standards. In addition, stains do not chip like paint can, which maintains the beauty of the toys for years to come.

How well do you know your manufacturing partners?

Our rubberwood factory was inherited with the BeginAgain acquisition of ImagiPLAY, a Boulder, Colorado, company that led the toy industry in rubberwood manufacturing for toys. Our factory is female owned and family run. Built in partnership with ImagiPLAY, this factory was founded on the principles of fair living wages and sustainable practices. ImagiPLAY founder Barbera Aimes pioneered sustainable wood toys and we are proud to carry her torch today.

We regularly conduct independent audits of our all of partner manufacturers to ensure social, employment standards are met, and our product meets safety and quality control standards.

Are your toys safety tested?

Yes, all of our toys are tested by independent laboratories. We design our toys to meet or exceed standards set by the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Why aren’t all of your toys made in the USA?

The plant-based materials we choose dictate where we make our toys. Rather than shipping raw materials around the globe, we make our toys near the native source of the material.

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