Ebony Tie Dye - NursElet® Nursing Scarf / Cover

$36.00 USD

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What separates NursElet® Nursing Scarf from the traditional nursing cover is a design that allows moms the freedom to loop one arm out of the scarf while nursing and provides the ability to have a hand free to grab essentials.

The luxuriously soft and breathable scarf can convert into an infinity scarf, caplet, car seat cover and shopping cart cover.

  • Modern and easy to use
  • Offers true 360 degree coverage
  • Allows to make eye to eye contact
  • New moms love to receive it as a baby shower gift

After your baby weans, this can be used as a comfortable beach cover. No one will ever know it was a nursing cover!

One size fits most. Rayon spandex blend. Patent pending