Fair Trade Green Flower Hair Clip

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Pretty floral hair clip handmade by artisans in Brazil.

The buriti palm fiber flower clip is a versatile and vibrant fashion accessory. The Adriana Collection includes 3 flower clips in different colors. Flower clip colors include Freesia Yellow, Lime Green, and Purple Orchid. Each flower clip measures approximately 2.5 inches in diameter and is approximately 0.5 inches in thickness. Each flower clip is backed by a 2 inch heavy duty clip.

Each flower clip is hand-crocheted from the buriti palm fiber. The buriti palm fiber is a strong, pliable fiber harvested from the leaves of the miriti palm tree, a native of South America. Artisans extract the buriti fiber from the palm fronds, which are then boiled, color dyed, and stranded.

Making a Social Impact

Your purchase makes a huge social and entrepreneurial impact on the lives of these Artisans in Brazil. Know that your purchase of these products will have a positive and lasting impact as Artisan work their way out of poverty and continue to grow as successful entrepreneurs. Thanks to your purchase, Artisans are able to use their income to send their children to school, put food on the table and establish a better life for their families. This is the power of Fair Trade.