Hirohito Baby Kimono Romper – Wild Dill

Hirohito Baby Kimono Romper

$62.00 USD

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This baby kimono romper is inspired by the traditional Japanese Kimono, known for their simple straight seams and wrap style, the rompers have easy to use snaps for quick nappy changes.

  • 100% dobby cotton from Japan
  • Machine washable
  • Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping from abroad

Hirohito is a Japanese name that means 'abundant benevolence'. It is derived from the words 'hiro', which means 'abundant, fertile or large', and 'hito', which means 'humanity or virtue'.

Baby Evan is 2 years old, and he is wearing 12-18 months size.

About Haha No Yume - Baby Kimono Company

Haha no yume 母の夢, is Japanese for Mother’s Dream. All of our apparels are delicately hand wrapped waiting to meet their new tiny owners. We strive to provide all mothers out there, the wonderful experience of un-boxing a beautiful gift, with a child-like wonder, admiring their precious baby looking exceptionally adorable (and comfortable!) in our one-of-a-kind, uber soft kimonos. As most of our customers would attest, these kimonos make the perfect heirloom keepsakes!

Our 100% soft cotton fabric is lovingly handpicked from Osaka, Japan  and purchased in limited quantity to maintain the exclusivity of our garments. Our apparel is ethically produced in fair trade settings that focus on social and economic independence for local people, women especially, working to provide for their families in a safe and fair environment. 

Our concept is inspired by wabi-sabi わびさび – pure minimalism and rustic simplicity with understated elegance. Each of our garments are locally designed and made with passion. We give lots of attention to every single detail of our beautifully designed garments to ensure our young little clients are kept happy and comfy at all times! 

Also, 3% of our sales, your very kind purchases, are donated to World Vision, a charity dear to our heart, the under privileged children. The future generation holds the key to a better future when we equip them with the right education and awareness.